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Las Vegas Tourist Attractions

It is a city based on a dry ground and has features and activities that enable travelers enjoy them selves and feel happy. The place also has cool winter temperatures pleasant for sightseeing and is surrounded by hills and mountains that are a home for all kinds of recreational opportunities.

The following are tourist attractions found in the city of Las Vegas. The strip n the city is rich of huge entertainment palaces built with an amazing theme, homes, performance venues and hotel rooms which are luxurious and it is very impressive at night making visitors to enjoy while walking around the strip. The Freemont street is a pedestrian only street and has different kinds of unique sites for example, it is covered by a canopy of lights illuminating the sky in different colors as one walks below it and also various kinds of entertainments are done at that place. The helicopter companies in the city makes it convenient for visitors to have a greater view of the various attractions in the city.

Visitors are attracted by the glowing lights on the wheel rotating during the night and this even makes them want to visit the place over and over to have the same experience again. The Caesars palace has every entertainment option that one could ever imagine since it keeps on evolving and is also closely associated with a concert venue where top performers perform there from time to time.
Another attractive feature in the city especially for those who love history is that they are narrated every detail about the crimes committed there once they visit the Mob museum. One is also able to see the various neon signs that make up the citys history by visiting the Neon museum and then guided in order to see the neon signs purchased preserved . The Luxor hotel which is shaped like a pyramid has a wide variety of restaurants, shopping opportunities and most attractively a beam of light at the end of the pyramid that shoots to the sky at night. There is a tower in the city which is so tall and when on the rooftop, on can get a greater view of the city and also be engaged in scary rides available there. The city has a skydiving facility that is guided by a qualified personnel to ensure that all visitors undertake the activity since some many refuse thinking that experience is required and with, ,many visitors are attracted more and more to visit the place and enjoy the activity.