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What makes a Good Website?

According to a study, there are 48 percent of users who prefer using web design in deciding the credibility of a business. Furthermore, if the content is not attractive, there are 38 percent of users who don’t bother to make engagements in the site. These statistics have proved why it is essential to follow web design conventions as a useful tool in attracting new customers.

To be able to draw in customers to your site, adopting the best web design tips are crucial to further assist you. Few of the web designs are actually cost effective and easy to use. In finding web developers, you don’t necessarily need to spend big sum of money.

You will be able to learn tips on how you can use web design conventions and apply it to your web page in the next lines.

Tip number 1. Search for simple web design – if you’re a newbie, then simple page serves you well. There are a lot of visitors that have complex sites and you should know that the more complex the page is, the fewer the visitors understand it.

The single column design is gaining more popular due to its efficiency which is the reason why it is gradually overshadowing sidebar designs. Standard website layouts are the best as well since they’re more familiar among users.

Tip number 2. Adopt working visual hierarchy – when talking about visual hierarchy, it is basically the size, color as well as the arrangement of the visual elements. Visual hierarchy is determining how human eye sees these elements. In order to capture the attention of your visitors more effectively, these elements must be placed noticeably or perhaps, you may follow web design conventions.

Tip number 3. Have a minimalistic homepage design – if compared to the house, homepage is like the verandah where it has to look attractive and appealing. This includes images, simple texts, call to action and highlighted headings. Minimalistic site works efficiently in communicating the message you want to convey. Your audience actually find it more annoying to see and read loads of sentences so to offset this, it’s preferable to create emotions. In the event that you are following web design conventions, then you would see that all of these things play a critical role to attract more visitors.

Tip number 4. Create simple UI – simple UI is useful in attracting visitors to your page. Besides, this makes things easier for new users. An effective UI is a priceless asset to any website owner and you can learn the best practices for UI tips and ideas by following web design conventions.