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Most Expensive Toys You Like To Collect

With so much toys that is produced and money spent for it, it is only natural that some of the revenue comes back to that of the consumer. You may have heard that those old toys can make your pocket change. This is indeed definitely true and we are here to show you that this is true.

The action figures and the dolls is the first on our list. If ever that you do not find what you are searching for here, you can go to the movie-themed toys where there are a lot of those dolls and action figures.

The second expensive one is the Spice Girls Doll collection. The Spice Girls were the famous girl group in the 90s where there career blossomed well. This is why many toy factory had created the collection of dolls that is being inspired by the Spice Girls.

You ca also see a lot of Michael Jackson Superstar doll created in the year 1984. Before, the price of the doll is only $11. You can now market this doll for around $290 which is far from its original price.

The next you that will surely be loved by kids and is an expensive one is the Power Rangers. The action figure of the cost around $20 but now you can be able to command over a $1000 ROI.

The fourth one is the Fish-Price Toys. These toys can be synonymous with that of the childhood for that of the baby boomers and also up to the Gen Xers. It cannot be denied that people does pay whatever amount for this toy since they has been I the business for a long time and this is loved by a lot of kids. The good thing about this Fisher Price toys that are in vintage is that they can be able to give back highest ROIs.

The next expensive and the fifth one is the Happy Meal Toys. The free trinket that you receive before from the Happy Meal can now give you the $100 profit.

The Eternia Playset is another expensive toy sold now. Though being owned by the Mattel, the Fisher -Price is owned wholly by that of the subsidiary of Mattel. This Eternia playset was being part of the full line of toys that is in the year 80s and this was being inspired that of the Masters of the Universe. If ever that the toy set you bought is expensive, you can then expect that you will have a profit that is around $3000 on each of the toys that you are to sell in the market.