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Ways Of Surviving Heart Attack When You Are Alone

Over five hundred thousand people especially in America suffer heart attack annually. Heart attacks come with so many side effects one of them being death.

A heart attack can easily be survived when one is with some other people close to him or her like friends, spouses unlike when one does not have any kind of help from another person therefore being the need to learn about the right ways of surviving heart attack when you are alone. Before understanding some top ways of dealing with heart attack when alone, it is also important to learn about some top causes of heart attacks as well as the signs and symptoms associated with heart attack. Some top risk factors that can result to heart attack include excessive body weight, taking unhealthy diet, obesity, excessive alcohol consumption and diabetes.

There are some early signs and symptoms that can help you know the possibility of a heart attack. Many people tend to confuse heart attack for other things and this is because they do not properly understand some of the common signs and symptoms associated with the heart attacks where the most common symptoms include cold sweats, dizziness, shortness of breath, indigestion as well as tightness in the chests. To many heart attacks can only be survived when one is close to a loved one but this is not the case as it is also easy to survive a heart attack when alone if only you take the following guides into account.

It is in your best interest to familiarize with the early signs and symptoms that show the likelihood of heart attack happening. This tip will help you come up with the best plan for going to the hospital before the situation worsens. For the people who have suffered heart attacks in the past, they have better understanding of the various heart attack symptoms and because of this it becomes easier for them to notice a second time heart attack. If you suspect heart attack, it is necessary that you dial 911 so as to have an ambulance to take you to the hospital and enable you get the right treatments. The other way of dealing or surviving heart attack when alone is contacting a close family member, friend or any other person close to you about your conditions.

The major reason why this is important is so as to help the hospital personnel have someone they can communicate with about your condition when in the hospital. Despite of there being no way to eliminate the risk of heart attacks there are some key things that one can do on his or her own to reduce heart attack risk. Some of the key things that can prevent heart attack include eating a balanced diet, undertaking daily exercises, quit smoking, avoid excessive alcohol consumption among other things.