4 Lessons Learned:

When You are Allowed to Use Emojis in Work Emails and Correspondence

We live in a tech-oriented world and this makes it difficult for us to navigate the social norms that come with it. Smartphones and the internet have become key parts of most areas of our lives such as dating, social and even professional life at our workplaces. A challenge is presented to most people when they are at work. While emails, texting and other tech mediums of communication bring cohesion among workers, the use of emojis in electronic messages for communication between different people respectfully, expressively and in line with the context is called into question.

The ability to use emojis in a workplace setting is something most people are still unsure about even though they already use them in their daily lives when communicating with friends and loved pones. it is the circumstances that determine whether or not you can use the emojis at work and this makes it hard for most people to understand. If you are wondering what the circumstances that allow the use of emojis at work are, you should read through these useful tips.

Emojis have become common in our daily communication. They have provided convenience when it comes to expressing our feelings as we can comfortably do it with the use of emojis. While they can be very useful, their relative newness means that they do offer a few challenges when using them in the workplace. Below are some of the examples of when you should not use emojis while generating work emails.

If there is information to be communicated, avoid using emojis. There are some people that do not use emojis in their texts and someone at work may be among this group. Using emojis in this case presents a risk of passing across the wrong message. The meaning you have of a certain emoji may not be the same to that one of someone else as the interpretations vary from one person to another. For this reason, it is important that you avoid using emojis to pass across information about your personal feelings or any anything else as the other person at work may get the wrong idea.

Do not fit them in a strictly professional context. They maybe popular but they still come with negative stigma when it comes to perception of professionalism. Using emojis in a work setting is viewed as lack of professionalism. if you use emojis at work, some of your coworkers may see it as a lack of competence according to study findings. It is good that you avoid using emojis in a work setting to make sure that your reputation among your fellow employees may suffer. It dies nit mean that you should not use emojis at work, however, as it is a case of circumstances.

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