Cooking As a Team Exercise

Most people enjoy cooking to some degree or another, and even those that claim they can burn water usually enjoy learning new kitchen skills. The popularity of cooking can translate into some real benefits for your company. As any good manager knows, teamwork is crucial to the success of a company and it’s important to make sure your employees not only feel like part of one, but feel valuable and motivated. That’s where team building comes in. Unfortunately for many employees, the phrase brings to mind boring seminars and embarrassing exercises that leave them feeling awkward, annoyed, and anything but a team player. Fortunately these days there are some really exciting and even fun alternatives. For example, let’s look at corporate cooking parties.

Yes, your employees can take a cooking class a team exercise. In most fine dining restaurants preparing delicious and award winning meals actually does require a team. There’s the prep cook, the pastry chef, the sous chef, and so on. This type of team work can translate easily into corporate team building. Your group is given a goal (to create a delicious meal) and must work together to create it. They’ll learn how to delegate, evaluate skills, problem solve and more. These are all valuable and necessary skills in order to succeed in any facet of business, regardless of the field. Unlike traditional team building exercises, a cooking party is fun and will allow your employees to relax and be at ease with each other, and at the end, along with their new and/or improved skills, they’ll have a delicious meal to eat and share with each other. It really is a win-win situation for you and them.   If you are looking for a fun and interesting way to do some team building work with your employees, think about a cooking party. The results may surprise you!