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What is the Difference Between Allergies and Food Sensitivity?

Market analysis has found out that one in ten Americans have different food allergies. Among this group, twice as many think that it is a food allergy, but it is not. Such individuals might be suffering from food sensitivity and not allergies. So, how can you tell that you are not a victim of allergies and your problem is a food sensitivity or the other way round? It is quite apparent that your body’s reaction to food sensitivity and allergies will be slightly different. However, what other sign should you look for to know that you are suffering from one and not the other? In the literature underneath, you are going to get more information on the difference between food sensitivity and allergy.

It is necessary to note that when you are experiencing food sensitivity, you will never need to stress over your life. It never assaults your immune system. Most people who are facing a food insensitivity will find it challenging digesting a particular food. Although food sensitivity is not a serious issue, most people will express that it shows the same symptoms as an allergic reaction. Your body’s digestive system will face a hard time digesting the food that you have eaten, or it will give you a sensitive response. Lactose intolerance is an astounding case for people that are experiencing sustenance sensitivity. It will be difficult for them to consume the sugar present in milk, cheese, and other dairy products. In fact, 12% of Americans are lactose intolerant. In African Americans, this figure goes up by 20%. If you are experiencing food sensitivity, you are going to suffer from symptoms like diarrhoea, constipation or bloating.

When you are suffering a food allergy, your body is going to identify the food as danger. The situation resembles your body’s endeavoring to dispose of unsafe microscopic organisms and infections. For this situation, your body will send antibodies to deal with the circumstance. Some allergens are so severe that when they contact your body, they might lead to extreme reactions that can even cause death. In most case, allergic reactions are spotted through itching, inability to breathe, and so much more. You can also suffer from digestive issues. This is the main reason that it is hard for people to know whether it is a food sensitivity of allergic reaction. Individuals can be allergic to a wide collection of foods, while some are only allergic to certain unusual foods. When you find out that you are in such a circumstance, the best thing is to keep away from some diets.

The data above has been quite helpful in educating you on the differences between allergies and food sensitivity. Most people suffer from food sensitivity. If you have a youngster, guarantee that you screen them well if they are showing such symptoms.

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