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A Guide To The Process Of Using CBD Tinctures

CBD has become popular because of its medicinal value and health benefits. Hemp extracts are made using different methods. CBD tinctures are an application style that has become very popular. CBD users both long term users and newcomers find these infused liquids appealing. This guide offers all the information you need about CBD tinctures.

The same process used to make herbal tinctures is the same one used to make CBD tinctures. Hemp plant is submerged in parts in high proof alcohol. It creates a CBD liquid that is highly concentrated. You need to know that even though the tinctures have an alcohol base, there are no any intoxicating effects. It is because you apply the oil in small doses.

CBD tinctures can be used in two ways. The first method is applying sublingually. A dropper is used to collect the oil drops. Place about 5 or less drops under your tongue. Let the tincture stay for 30 to 90 seconds underneath your tongue. The CBD works more fast because it gets directly into your bloodstream. The rest can be swallowed and gets absorbed by the digestive track. The type of tincture, your weight and pre-existing conditions will determine the amount of CBD you take.

Secondly, the oil can be swallowed directly. You can put in drinks or food. If you are a first time user, this way is the best to take the oil. The compounds get absorbed slowly into the body. You will be able to determine the effect it will have on your body. Keep in mind that it is not advisable to cook CBD tincture because the effectiveness will be reduced.

CBD tinctures come in two types. There are those that contain flavonoids, phytocannabinoids and terpenes. The second type contains CBD only. It can be hard to know which CBD products are legit. It is because the industry is not regulated. The decision to identify products that are effective and safe is left upon the consumers most times. It is advisable you consider a brand that has been tested by a third party. It is an indication of transparency.

Tinctures are made by use of a similar process to herbal extraction that’s why they taste earthy. For a better taste, most products incorporate the use of natural ingredients like mint, peppermint and citrus. CBD tinctures don’t cause a high compared to marijuana or THC tinctures. With proper care, CBD tinctures can last for 3 years. Also, for the tinctures to last longer, choose dark glass bottles.

You need to take CBD oil drops in small doses when starting. It can take a few trial and error to select the right CBD oil for you. If you don’t see any effect, you can up the dose.
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