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How to Find the Perfect Designer Shirt That Fits You Personality Best

If you have a taste for men’s designer clothes then you are well that not all styles are best suited for your personality. All designer men’s wear are unique and all are not made equally. The clothes you wear not only reflects your taste in fashion, but also your style. It’s more or less a billboard that announces your tastes and the person you are. Imagine what the world might think of you if you all you do is pick up shirts from the store and go without putting much effort and thought as to why you chose the shirt.

For the rookies who are only starting out to take the time to worry about their personal image, there are a number of men’s wear shops out in the world and clothing lines such as the Jared Lang Collection. But before everything else, don’t just go out and shop for what’s hot, be well acquainted with the different lines and collections such as the Jared Lang Collection first and then choose what suits you best. Designer brands have their own identities, they have specific cuts and messages behind that make each and every brand unique. Choose what is best for you and you are guaranteed to be dripping in style which reflects your personality.

Here are some tips on how to better understand your personality type and find your matching designer men’s shirt.

Lively and Outspoken

If you are the more flamboyant type who loves social interactions and generally being around other people, then bold shirts are what fits you the most. Are you simply the type of person that catches everybody’s gaze as you enter the room? Are outspoken? Are you the man of action who can do anything an say anything? Then what you need is livelier designer clothing.

The Artistic One

Are you a creative, an artist, a visual storyteller whose mind is drenched full of creativity? Do you not stand being in the same room or vicinity with somebody wearing a shirt the same as yours? Feel like wearing clothes designed by yourself but just can’t do it? Well worry not my stylish friend. There are vast number of designers that meld art and fashion, who share the same creativeness and artistic nature such as yourself, you may find their lines to have the individuality that you are looking for allowing you to express the creative mind that you are.

The Silent Introvert

If you don’t fancy social interactions and just enjoys staying low profile. For the guy who has a sense of mystery, not choosing to speak much and only say what needs to be said you also have a designer brand that suit’s your enigmatic nature. Shirts with intricate patterns and artwork that is subtle yet sophisticated and solid neutral tones and classic shades are the shirts that work best for your personality type.

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