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What You Need To Know About The Ecological Role Of Wolves

One thing that you need to know is that wolf reintroduction is a very sensitive topic that has been talked about for a couple of decades now, these days wolves are being introduced back into the environment that they had previously disappeared from. Ecological role play in the world is multifaceted. As Apex Predators wolves are important to the ecosystem and introduction causes positive cascade effects on the whole environment.

It reached a point whereby the walls were all hunted down by ranchers because they felt hurt they were a threat to their cattle’s and sheep. One thing that you need to know is that for the remaining population, they came up with ways on how they can protect them by establishing a National Park. The interesting thing is that wolves still ended up being Instinct and they totally disappeared in these national parks, and people do not pay any attention to this. After a couple of years of the Wolves getting Instinct is when people started feeling the pinch of how it started affecting the environment.

Immediately the wolf disappeared animals such as deer, elk and moose increased in population very fast. The growth of trees stands, and the Aspen increased, and they started occupying a large section of land. The larger herds no longer afraid of being hunted had stopped moving around as much and overgrazed their habitats. Because the number of animal that grazed on plants increased this eventually lead to plants disappearing, and eventually it affected the health of trees and when the trees were affected the Waterways were also affected as they venture they became lighter because of the presence of so many animals. Intern the fish, reptile and amphibian population decreased as the water became shallower and warmer with less shade from trees.

In the heavier forested areas overgrazing lead to decrease in nesting areas for birds that several species of birds disappeared from the park altogether as a result. In the parks, Rangers were not interested in bringing the wolves, and they felt that if they tried to control the population of the other animals in the park that they parks plant life will go back to normal, but this wolf reintroduction did not happen. When the hunters ended up complaining that there was not enough elk the government threatened that they will not continue funding the parks. The control measures were stopped, the Elk population ballooned again, and the grazing devastation began anew.